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Immunization Program

Influenza Immunization

Seasonal influenza vaccination begins in the fall, typically October or November, as vaccine is made available through Public Health. Patients can receive their influenza vaccine either at their family physician's office, or through SAFHT's centralized "Flu Clinics" (see "Flu Clinics" below for current details) or through clinics organized by the Public Health Unit.

Flu Shots Clinics

Seasonal Flu Clinics January 2012
When: To be determined
Where: To be determined
Who: Open to the enrolled patients of SAFHT that are age 6 months and older.
Note that vaccines will be given in an open area that offers little privacy. Please wear a short sleeved shirt to allow easy access to the injection site. Please bring your Ontario Health Card.

If you are suffering from respiratory symptoms or have a cough, please wear a mask to the doctors' office or request one on arrival.

You should NOT get a flu shot if....

  • You have had a severe reaction to the flu shot in the past.

  • You have a known allergy to eggs or thimerosal.

  • You are ill on the day you plan to get the flu shot.

What are the risks and how might I feel after my shot?

The vaccine, like any medication, is capable of causing side effects, which can be either mild or, occasionally, severe. The risk of the vaccine causing serious harm is extremely small. Most people who get the vaccine have either no side effects or mild side effects. A Ministry of Health "Influenza Vaccine Fact Sheet" is available on the websites listed below.

Want to know more....

These websites provide more information on the Influenza Vaccine.

Vaccinations for Children

Regular immunization is an ongoing part of patient care at the Scarborough Academic Family Health Team. Immunization against disease helps in the prevention of disease and most immunizations can be performed in your physician's office. You or your family can also get immunized at your local Public Health Unit. Information regarding immunizations is available through the Public Health Unit.

Childhood Immunization

Childhood immunizations can be administered at your family physician's office. The publicly funded immunization schedule for children is updated regularly and a direct link to this schedule is available through the Public Health Unit website. A child's Immunization Record is maintained by the Public Health Unit and information about how to report your child's immunization information is available on their website.

Adult and Travel Immunization

Additional immunization is available to adults and to prepare for travel to a foreign country. Contact your family physician or the Public Health Unit if you need or have questions about these immunizations. Travel immunizations are not covered by OHIP. Please also be aware that some adult immunizations are also not covered by OHIP.

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