The SAFHT Team

Family Physicians / Interdisciplinary Health Professionals (IHPs)

Family Physicians & Health Care Trainees

Our physicians and their teams are also teachers. As a result, besides our clinical staff, Residents, senior medical students and other healthcare students will help with your care while being supervised by all our highly qualified staff. All patient information shared during your visit is strictly confidential.


Elena Soriano, Grace Ignacio, Kristin Labuca, Rebeca Cornejo Torres, Yonette Faria

The SAFHT Receptionists are the first people you meet virtual or actual at the SAFHT front desks. They book and confirm all your appointments, connect you with the right caregiver, and do their best to answer your questions or put you in touch with your clinician.

Nurse Practitioners (NPs)

Jacqueline King, Nitin Aryal, Shana Taylor, Sylwia Nunes

SAFHT’s Primary Care NPs are registered nurses with advanced education and training. The NP assists with managing your acute and chronic health care needs by assessing, diagnosing, prescribing medication and ordering a variety of tests. The NP promotes health and wellness through education and links with community resources. If you are enrolled in the FOCUS Program, the NP may also assist in creating a Coordinated Care Plan (CCP) which will help define your health issues and orient the people involved in your care. An Advanced Care Plan (ACP) can also be set up for you by the NP in accordance with your health and personal care wishes.

Registered Nurses (RNs)

Brenda Muere, Ingrid Wright, Lucy Pinheiro, Helen Ruth Vijayasenan, Wilwena Mungalchety, Wylene Canedo

SAFHT’s RNs work with you and your providers. They administer immunizations and assist with procedures. They provide health education and counselling in conjunction with the chronic disease management team on diabetes management and smoking cessation.  

Clinical Pharmacist

Thuan Nguyen

SAFHT's Pharmacist works with you and your physician or nurse, and your local community or hospital pharmacist to prevent and resolve medication-related issues and to ensure the best outcomes. In collaboration with your doctor, the pharmacist can help you to better monitor and prevent side effects and adverse drug reactions and interactions.

The pharmacist provides individual medication assessments regarding prescriptions, over-the-counter and natural/herbal remedies and helps to identify resources for those who cannot afford their current medications. The pharmacist also works in conjunction with SAFHT’s Chronic Disease Management Teams and can offer specific services such as: Diabetes Care, CAD/CHF, COPD, Women's Health (menopause, osteoporosis, cancer); Weight Management programs; Smoking Cessation and Geriatric Care.

Case Manager

Greg Clarke

SAFHT’s Case Manager provides the following services: intake and distribution of counselling referrals, patient resource counselling and system navigation to patients and their families; develops new and enhances existing alliances with community partners, establishing effective communication and collaboration to ensure a continuum of care beyond the Family Health Team resources and services; helps patients understand and navigate the health system; identify and use health resources; increases patient participation in care and treatment decisions; provides transitional support to patients; assists patients with access to community services; offers mental health and addictions education and health promotion to individuals, families and groups.

Clinical Social Workers (Mental Health Team)

Debbie Johnson, Denise Wallis, Sonia Varughese

Our qualified mental health team provides short term goal directed counselling and referrals to appropriate community resources. They work collaboratively with the family doctors and other members of the family health team to assist with a range of issues including (but not limited to): Anxiety, Addiction, Depression, Abuse, Grief/Loss, Trauma, Anger, Family/Relationship issues, Parenting, Self-Esteem, Social Isolation, Stress Management and Work/School challenges.  

Clinical Chiropodists

Weifang (Nicole) Zhang, Sayanthene Shiyamalan

Our chiropodists specialize in the recognition, assessment, treatment and on-going foot care. Common foot conditions such as corns, calluses, warts, ingrown toenails, foot deformities, mis-alignments, wounds and over-use injury are also treated. The chiropodists also actively participate in SAFHT’s Diabetes Management Program.

Registered Dietitians (RDs)

Sharona Abramovitch, Sui Ling (Sherry) Zhang

Our RDs provide expertise in nutrition to promote health and prevent disease, counselling services for nutrition related diseases and disorders, and give health management advice. The RDs also work in conjunction with SAFHT’s Chronic Disease Management Team.

SAFHT Administrative & Clinical Staff

F. name L. Name Designation Tel: 416-690-5180
Brenda Muere Registered Nurse ext. 132
Debbie Johnson Clinical Social Worker ext. 112
Denise Wallis Clinical Social Worker ext. 141
Elena  Soriano Receptionist ext. 116
Gail Saldanha Administrative Assistant ext. 102
Grace Ignacio Receptionist ext. 107
Greg Clarke Case Manager ext. 119
Helen Ruth Vijayasenan Registered Nurse ext. 115
Ingrid Wright Registered Nurse ext. 128
Jacqueline King Nurse Practitioner ext. 140
Keith Menezes Executive Director ext. 105
Liberty Andaya Program Manager ext. 106
Nitin Aryal Nurse Practitioner ext. 120
Lucy Pinheiro Registered Nurse ext. 125
Mukesh Kapadia Bookkeeper ext. 103
Rebeca Cornejo Torres Receptionist ext. 117
Rosemarie Lim Registered Nurse ext. 126
Sayanthene Shiyamalan Registered Chiropodist ext. 124
Shana Taylor Nurse Practitioner ext. 123
Sherry Zhang Registered Dietitian ext. 142
Sonia Varughese Clinical Social Worker ext. 114
Sylwia Nunes Nurse Practitioner ext. 139
Thuan Nguyen Clinical Pharmacist ext. 135
Wilwena Mungalchety Registered Nurse ext. 134
Wylene Canedo Registered Nurse/OTN ext. 130
Weifang (Nicole) Zhang Registered Chiropodist ext. 129
Yonette Faria Receptionist ext. 121
Maternity Leave
Kristin Labuca Receptionist ext. 444
Sharona Abramovitch Registered Dietitian ext. 137
Telephone: 416-690-5180 | Fax: 416-690-5182   |   E:   |   Administrative Office: T:416.439.7473 | F: 416.439.7475
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