SAFHT's receptionists are the first people you usually see when you visit our clinics and they answer the telephone when you call. They will book all your appointments, connect you with the right caregiver, and are happy to answer your questions.

Family Doctors, Physician Assistants and Health Care Trainees

SAFHT's Family Doctors and their team are also teachers. They supervise Physician assistants (PAs), Resident Doctors, Senior Medical Students and other health care students who will help with your care. All patient information shared during your visit is strictly and remains confidential.

Nurse Practitioner (NP)

SAFHT's Nurse Practitioners work with the rest of the team to assist in keeping you healthy. They may undertake home visits with a nurse, pharmacist or dietician to ensure your health and/or that of your family is maintained and sustained. They may be the primary contact with other community health agencies to achieve this objective.

Registered Nurses (RN)

SAFHT's Registered Nurses will work with you and your health care providers. Registered Nurses assist in health care, health assessments, preventative health examinations, triage, improved access, health system access and navigation of the health system. They administer immunizations and help with procedures. Registered Nurses also provide health education and counselling in conjunction with the chronic disease management team.

Mental Health Team

SAFHT's team of qualified mental health professionals offering mental health services to the patients of the Scarborough Academic Family Health Team. The team consists of a consulting psychiatrist, a psychological associate, 3 clinical social workers, a marriage and family therapist and a case manager. They work collaboratively with the family doctors and other members of the family health team to assist individuals, couples and families with a range of mental health related issues including (but not limited to):
Family/Relationship Issues
Social Isolation
Stress Management
Work/School related challenges

Patients can access the mental health program through a referral made by a family health team doctor or any of the team's primary health care providers.


SAFHT's Psychiatrist provides service to our patients based on family Doctor referrals. Through this process patients can access our consulting psychiatrist who can aid in making diagnostic determinations and facilitating treatment planning , including pharmacotherapy in the management of mental health disorders.

Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE)

SAFHT's CDE is a registered nurse who is certified to teach people with diabetes (Type 1 and Type 2) how to manage their conditions. The CDE provides both educational and emotional support to help those who need to learn the tools and skills necessary to control their blood sugar and to minimize the risk of long-term complications.

Clinical Chiropodist

SAFHT's Chiropodist specializes in the recognition, assessment, treatment, and ongoing care of the foot. The chiropodist treats common foot conditions such as calluses, corns, warts, ingrown toenails, foot deformities, misalignments and overuse injury. The chiropodist also participates in the diabetes management program.

Registered Dietician

SAFHT's Dietician provides expertise in nutrition to promote health and prevent disease, provides counselling services for nutrition-related diseases and disorders, and gives health management advice. The dietician provides individual treatments or education programs as required. The dietician also works in conjunction with the chronic disease management team.

Clinical Pharmacist, CDE

SAFHT's Pharmacist works with you and your physician or nurse, and your local community or hospital pharmacist to prevent and resolve medication-related issues and to ensure the best outcomes. In collaboration with the family doctor, the pharmacist can help patients to better monitor and prevent side effects and adverse drug reactions and interactions.

The pharmacist provides individual medication assessments regarding prescriptions, over-the-counter and natural/herbal remedies and helps to identify resources for those who cannot afford their current medications. The pharmacist also works in conjunction with the chronic disease management team and can offer specific services such as:

  • women's health (menopause, osteoporosis, cancer)

  • weight management programs

  • smoking cessation

  • geriatric care

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